What is not to love about a simple cowl, with a striking stitch pattern paired with a striking yarn, AND it can be completed in one evening AND it only needs one ball of yarn?

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Yarn: 1x ball Azteca Fine in the colour of your choice (we used colour 216) (get the yarn here)
Hook: 5.00mm (hooks available here)


ch/s – chain/s
dc – double crochet
fdc – foundation crochet
htr – half treble
slst – slipstitch
SPS – slanting puff stitch
tr – treble

Notes & Special Stitches:

Start htr & dc rounds start with 1ch & this doesn’t count as a stitch.

Foundation dc: Ch2, work 1dc in second ch from hook. *insert hook in same ch, pull through working yarn, ch1, work 1dc*, rep from * until the requisite amount of dc’s have been made. (If you find this too difficult, simply do normal chs)

Slanting Puff St: The slanting puff st is done in exactly the same way as a puff st is normally done, with the exception that it doesn’t get made into a stitch, but around the body (post) of the tr that was just made (it will help if you twist your work so that the tr you made lies horizontally and not vertically): (yo, insert hook around post of previous tr from bottom to top, yo, pull loop up to the length of a normal tr) 3 times, yo, pull through first 6 loops on hook, yo, pull through remaining 2 loops on hook.


This pattern is not gauge sensitive but try and crochet as loosely as possible, or change to a bigger size hook. It is very easy to create a very stiff fabric with this stitch pattern, and that is exactly what you don’t want.

Pattern Adjustments:

There is enough yarn to make the cowl longer, or if you would prefer to turn the cowl into an infinity scarf, simply make enough chains until it is long enough to be comfortably wound around the neck twice. The stitch count MUST be an even number.


Make 66 fdc & close with a slst, being careful not to twist the string


ch66, close with slst, being careful not to twist the string, work 1dc in each ch around, close with a slst.

Round 1: Ch3 (count as tr), work 1SPS, sk next st, *1tr in next st, work 1SPS, sk next st*, rep from * all around, close with slst in 3rd ch. (66 sts)

Round 2: Work 1htr in each st around. (66 sts)

Next Rounds: Rep round 1 & 2 until the desired length has been reached, ending with round 1 of the pattern. (We did a total of 9 rounds with sps sts)

Last round: Work 1 dc in each st around. (66 sts)

Fasten off.

Weave in all loose ends.


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