Therapeutic Knitting: How Knitting Benefits Your Mental Health

Knitting is an enjoyable pastime for many reasons. One of those reasons is the calming effect it can have on the mind. Knitting is an inexpensive and creative hobby which can give people something to focus their mind on and gain fulfilment from their creations.

As providers of quality yarn, Jaarn provide all you need to begin your own knitting journey, and see what mental health benefits this pastime can bring for you.

Exploring the Mental Health Benefits of Knitting

Here are just some of the reasons knitting is great for the mind. For more inspiration and advice, visit our blog page.

1. Knitting is Relaxing, and a Great Combatant for Stress

A lot of mental health conditions can see individuals suffering with stress and low mood. It can be extremely difficult to find natural ways to relax when you are suffering from mental health struggles.

Knitting provides a relaxing pastime in many ways. It can help to ease stress from the body through comfortable posture and repetitive hand movements and help the mind to relax by providing a therapeutic progression with knitting and creating something.

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2. It’s Calming and Repetitive, Giving the Mind a Break

Repetitive and rhythmic movements can be very relaxing. The repetitiveness of knitting means this action can really help your body and mind to feel more at ease.

3. Knitting Provides Something to Focus On

One key method for targeting mental health struggles is practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is bringing more focus on the present to avoid the mind wandering to anxiety-inducing thoughts.
When knitting, this helps your mind to focus solely on the task at hand, which means the motion of the needles and the progression of your design is a way to focus your thoughts and keep your mind solely on the object you are knitting (or just the therapeutic motion of the process itself).

4. It Can Help Ease Social Anxiety

A lot of social situations can be a cause of worry for people struggling with mental health issues. This may also prevent individuals from easily meeting new people. Joining knitting groups not only allows you to meet like-minded people but also allows you to grow more comfortable in social situations with knitting as your key tool.
Having knitting with you in a social group means you can keep your hands and mind busy while socialising, thereby eliminating any extra pressure to feel as though you need to speak or make eye contact.

Allow Knitting to Calm Your Mind with Jaarn Quality Fibres

Jaarn has all you need to get started on your knitting journey if you’re looking for a way to calm stress and find the perfect pastime. For any questions regarding our yarn, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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