Say Yes! To Sustainability

As we become more conscious of our impact on the environment, we’re constantly seeking alternatives to single-use products. We’re replacing plastic containers with glass, plastic shoppers with re-usable fabric. Why not our cosmetic products as well?

Say no to single use cotton pads and replace yours with cotton scrubbies made from Eco-Cotton.

Make you own:

ch – chain
tr – treble (US – dc)
dc – double crochet (US – sc)
slst – slip stitch

With a 4.00mm hook and Eco-Cotton from Nurturing Fibres, make a magic circle (if you can’t make a magic circle, ch4, insert hook into the 4th chain from hook and work all the stitches in that chain; the first 3 chains count as the first tr)

Round 1: Work 12 tr’s in the magic ring, close with a slst. (12 tr)

Round 2: Ch3 (count as first tr), 1tr at the base of the ch3, 2tr in each st around, close with a slst. (24 tr)

Round 3: Ch1 (doesnt count as a stitch), work 1dc in each st around, close with a slst and fasten off. (24 dc)

Weave in all the ends.

Each ball of 125m/50g Eco-Cotton is enough to make approx 15 scrubbies.

Use your scrubby to remove make-up, wipe off face masks or to wash your face. Wash the scrubby immediately after use, and leave to dry.

Eco-Cotton comes in a range of 52 stunning colours and can be shopped here.

These scrubbies will also make terrific gifts. Pair it with some hand cream and a handmade face/hand scrub to create a thoughtful gift.


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