Ombre Fun Blanket


Learn to knit with our range of patterns dedicated to new knitters (or you might be an expert knitter, but is feeling like doing something mindless in front of the telly or around the braai!) This pattern is intended to teach new knitters to build on their basic skills like casting on, knitting in garter stitch, and casting off, as well as weaving in ends. The electronic pattern included with the kit includes links to handy resources, from casting on, knitting the stitch pattern, to casting off. Don’t be discouraged if you struggle in the beginning. It is always difficult to learn a new skill or technique. This blanket will be a perfect way to learn how to knit evenly and find your own special tension/gauge (are you a tight knitter, or do you knit a bit looser.)

The Ombre Fun Blanket contains a total of 700g of Eco-Lush (40% bamboo/60% cotton) yarn and an electronic pattern with hyperlinks to resources enough to complete a blanket that measures approx 80x130cm. To make a bigger blanket, simply buy two kits and double up on the stitch count, and work double the colour sections to increase the length of the blanket.

Recommended Needles Sizes:

4.00mm 80 or 100cm circular needles

The kit is available in 4 colour choices and has the following yarn quantities included:

Natural: 4 balls Vanilla, 3 balls Squirrel, 3 balls Donkey, 4 balls Pecan
Floral: 4 balls Blossom, 3 balls Rose, 3x balls Mulberry, 4x balls Gluhwein
Metal: 4 balls Mist, 3 balls Anvil, 3 balls Cobblestone, 4 balls Charcoal
Jewel: 4 balls Old Gold, 3 balls Persian, 3 balls Patina, 4 balls Baltic

The blanket was designed by Brenda Grobler and knitted by Retha Hayes Compion.