Eco Colour Packs


In the mood for an ombré/faded effect in one of your projects? We’ve taken the guesswork out which shades would work best.

These Eco Colour Packs are available in Eco-Cotton (100% cotton), Eco-Bamboo (100% bamboo) and Eco-Fusion (50% bamboo/50% cotton). To see the full range, click here.

The colours are as follows:

Blues: Aqua, Watershed, Cornflower, Ocean, Denim
Pinks: Blush, Orchid, Sweet Pea, Ruby Pink
Purples: Lilac, Lavender, Bordeaux, Violet, Paris
Greys: Charcoal, Cobblestone, Anvil, Mist
Oranges: Seashell, Pickled Ginger, Sunkissed Coral, Saffron, Sahara
Browns: Fawn, Karoolands, Winebarrel, Coco, Pecan

Keep in mind: We have made every possible effort to photograph the yarn as accurately as possible, but screen resolutions may differ on various devices.