Project Planners

I have been using a Moleskin Diary for years, but was unable to find one at the end of last year. By the time 2021 rolled around, some were available in South Africa again, but none of the colours felt right.

I started exploring other options, including digital planning. I have up to then used the notes app on my tablet extensively to write down notes about patterns I was working on, etc, so I thought that the leap to digital planning wouldn’t be too bad.

Scouring the internet, I found a whole new world of printables. It is pdf documents that you download, and print but it has the added benefit that it can be used in conjunction with an annotation app on your mobile devices (tablet & phone).

I now a daily planner for to do lists, a budget planner for my private and shop finances, roadtrip planners, birthday calendars and loads more. This got me thinking that I should try and find craft related planners as well. (I LOVE lists!!) After an exhaustive search, I found a few, but none of them had a clean design or contained the info I would typically prefer in a craft planner. I was about to give up, when I realised I may as well design my own. As they have been working so well for me, I decided to share them with you, for free.

You will need annotation software if you’re going to be using these digitally, and there are quite a few annotation apps available. The following two seems to be the most popular:

If you’re on Android, try Squid (it is the one I use, and have found it the most user friendly)
If you’re using an Apple product, try Good Notes.

If you’re more old-school and still prefer good old pen and paper, simply download the files, print and keep in a binder.

Project Details Crochet is a sheet aimed at a specific project you’re currently working on, It allows you to add the pattern name, source (where did you find it; Ravelry, certain magazine, etc), the hook size you’re using, yarn type (DK, singles, aran, etc), the yarn brand, the yarn colour, dyelot and details and it has an additional page for notes. You can download the it here: Project Details – Crochet

Project Details Knitting contains exactly the same information options as above, but is aimed at knitters. Download it here: Project Details Knitting

Project Bucket List is a sheet that allows you to dream and list all the projects you intend to make, including a section for yarn types/brands (no more forgetting the yarn brands you want to buy when you’re online shopping or at your LYS). You can download it here: Project Bucket List

The last one is probably my favourite. I love ticking off items off a list. It is the Project To Do List, so you can tick off as you go, for eg, shop the yarn, finish front, finish back, weave in ends, block, etc. I’m a lot more productive if I’m chasing tickboxes on a list! Download the to-do list here: Project To Do List

I hope you enjoy these planners and if you have any special requests/ways how the above can be improved, let me know!


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