Nifty Wristies

I absolutely adore wristies. Nothing irritates me more than having to remove gloves when I want to wash my hands, apply hand lotion or do the myriad of things necessary during a day. Wristies are uncomplicated (and highly underrated!) wrist and hand warmers. Enter the ‘Nifty Wristies’.

Here’s a quick little pattern to make up these in no time at all.

Yarn: 2x balls of Indiana in the colour of your choice (Buy the yarn here)
Hook: 4.50mm


ch/s – chain/s
dc – double crochet
sk – skip
st/s – stitch/es
tr – treble


1ch at the beginning of rows doesn’t count as a stitch
3ch at the beginning of rows count as a treble
Pattern is written in UK terminology


Ch 38 sts

Row 1: Insert hook in the 2nd ch from the hook and work 1dc, *sk next 2chs, work 5tr in next ch, sk next 2 chs, 1dc in next ch*, rep from * to end, turn.

Row 2: Ch3, work 2tr at the base of the ch 3, *sk next 2 tr, 1dc in the next tr, sk next 2tr, 5tr in the next dc*, rep from * to last dc, but work 3tr in last dc and not 5tr, turn.

Row 3: Ch1, 1dc in the first st *sk next 2tr, work 5tr in next dc, sk next 2 tr, 1dc in next tr*, rep from * to end, turn.

Rep row 2 & 3 a total of 8 times. Rep row 2 once more. Fasten off leaving a long tail.

Fold the piece in half across the width, and sew the seam together. Weave in all loose ends.


Bren, xx



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