Learn To Crochet Today!

There are a lot of videos on YouTube teaching crochet, so instead of re-inventing the wheel, I’ve decided to simply post the links of the best ones here. Sarah Jane from Bella Coco explains everything really well and has a wealth of videos on her channel.

If you’re right handed, these videos are a great starting point: (click on the links below)

Learn to crochet; starting with the humble chain

Learn to crochet a dc stitch

Learn to crochet tr stitch

Learn to crochet a htr stitch

If you’re left handed, click on the following link for a range of video’s:

Learn to crochet for lefties

Once you’ve mastered the stitches above, and you’re thoroughly fed-up with doing 3 chains at the beginning of a round, you’ll be ready to do a standing treble, or as Sarah Janes calls it, a chainless starting treble. It is truly a game changer and the only way I ever start a row. As with all new techniques, it does take a bit of practice, but once you have it, you’ll be doing a joyful dance.

Once you have mastered the above stitches, I can highly recommend that you try a project like the Find Your Zen blanket (kits available via Jaarn) Find Your Zen is a crochet sampler blanket, using the basic stitches to create stitch patterns. The feedback we’ve received from makers is that the blanket really elevated their skills from the basic to more advanced. Due to the fact that the blanket has a great deal of stitch patterns it really encourages newbies to try new techniques and play around with different stitches in different combinations. Each stitch pattern section has a photo, enabling you to see if you’re on the right track or not, and we also have a whole Unit dedicated on the Jaarn Makers Group to Find Your Zen, giving handy advice, including video’s and other supporting materials.

Happy crochet!

(and as always, if you have any questions; please do not hesitate to ask for help on our virtual group on Facebook, The Jaarn Makers Group)





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