How to Adjust any Yarn Pattern

Here are our top 3 tips from our team at Jaarn that will help you adjust any yarn pattern:

1. Get the Gauge Right

The gauge is simply the measurement of the number of rows and stiches per inch you knit. If you are adjusting a pattern, it is super important that you know the gauges for pattern stitch, the yarn and the needles you are using, which will be the basis for your adjustments. If you are knitting a simple Stockinette pattern, you need to ignore the number of stitches recommended for the pattern and determine this yourself. To do this, you take the number of inches and divide them by 4, this will determine the number of stiches per inch. Next, multiply the determined number of stiches with the original measurement to determine the number of stiches you will have to cast on.

2. Don’t Neglect Other Adjustments

Remember not to get so caught up in working out the cast on adjustments that you forget about the several other numbers you will have to adjust. You will also need to identify and individually adjust anywhere in the pattern where there is a decrease in cast ons or a bind off. Ensure you look for any instructions involving the number of stitches for the pattern, such as the bind off for arm holes for a jersey, as well as whether the number is to high or low for your gauge; you will then have to make the necessary adjustments.

3. Record Your Progress

If you are a confident knitter, you may want to try adjusting the pattern yourself. Once you have carefully studied the original pattern and made notes of the adjustments you tend to make, thoroughly record your progress. By recording your process, you are giving yourself the option to go back and re-evaluate where you went wrong if the final product is not the outcome you expected. You will also have record of the numbers you used and reminders if you would like to knit the same pattern in the future, or pass it on to another knitter.

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