Gratitude Flower Motif

We’re living in uncertain times and everything around us is changing almost on a daily basis. If it is becoming harder and harder to quiet the noise out there in the world (spilling over and creating more noise in your mind) Reach for some yarn and crochet something pretty. It always settles a restless spirit.

The Gratitude Flower Motif is super fast and easy. These little happy flowers can be joined to create a blanket, a cowl, a throw, or even a top if you’re feeling very creative.

Abbreviations: (US terms in brackets)

2trtog – two trebles together (dc2tog)
3trog – three trebles together (dc3tog)
Ch/s – chain/s
Chsp/s – chain space/s
Cluster – 3trtog (dc3tog)
slst – slit stitch
tr – treble (dc)


Make a magic loop or crochet 3ch and join with a slst.

Round 1: Ch2, 2trtog (first cluster made) ch1, (1cluster, ch1) another five times, join with a slst and fasten off. (6 clusters, and 6 chsps)

Round 2: Join new yarn in any 1chsp, ch3, work 1tr, ch1, 2tr in the same chsp, work (2tr, ch1, 2tr) in each chsp around, close with a slst in the 3rd ch. Fasten off. (6 shells made)

Round 3: Join new yarn in any 1chsp and ch3, work 6tr in the same chsp, work 7tr in each remaining chsp. Close with a slst in the 3rd ch. Fasten off.

Make as many motifs as you want and sew them together.

Joy from African Expressions, Nikkim from Vinnis Colours (the full range will be available in the shop from Friday, 20 November) and Eco-Cotton from Nurturing Fibres work really well together to make these motifs. If you have a specific budget, contact us, and we’ll put together a kit with a combination of these yarns to start your Gratitude project.


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