Cast Off & Weave In Ends

Are you enjoying our series of Learn To Knit posts? If you missed the first video tutorial Cast On & Garter Stitch, you can click here to watch it.

Here is the video that will show you how to cast off, and below the video you’ll find the photos showing you how to weave in your ends. If you have any questions, or don’t understand something, let us know via WhatsApp (076 150 7834), or on The Jaarn Make-Along Group on Facebook.

Weaving In Ends (Garter Stitch)

There are quite a few methods to weave in ends, but the most basic (and easiest for beginners) is the diagonal method.

First Step

Working on the wrong side of your work, insert needle under the bumps, and working in a roughly 45° degree angle, thread the needle under a couple of bumps (around 6 – 8 should suffice). Turn the needle 180°, and do the same in a downward motion next to initial thread:

If you’re not convinced that the yarn will stay put, you can once again rotate in a 180° angle and work another diagonal line upwards. (This will also largely depend on the yarn you’re using. Slubby yarns might only need two sections, whereas slippery yarns might need more sections.)

If you’ve done this right your weaving should be invisible from the front:

Happy knitting!


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