Beanie Basics

Do you love beanies as much as we do?

Sometimes, we would just like to sit and crochet a beanie. Not fight through thousands of patterns on the web, looking for the perfect pattern to work with the yarn we have available. This beanie recipe is the answer! You can use any yarn and hook and this recipe will assist you to make the perfect beanie for any size. (US terminology is given in brackets)

Abbreviations used:

Ch/s – chain/s
Dc – double crochet (sc)
Htr – half treble (hdc)
Rep – repeat
Slst – slip stitch
Tr – treble (dc)


All beanies start with a flat circle. The amount of increases depends on the size of the beanie and the stitch used. Once the flat circle is completed, no more increases are made.  Use the following formula to increase your flat circle for each of the following basic stitches; double crochet/single crochet, half treble/half double crochet, treble/double crochet.

Start with either a magic circle or 4 – 6 ch (depending on your yarn and the stitch used) and close with a slst to make a ring. Make a slst after each round, and DO NOT TURN work.



Rows:   Dc/Sc Htr/Hdc Tr/Dc
1 start with : 6 8 12
2 work 2 sts in each st 12 16 24
3 1 st in next st, 2 sts in next st 18 24 36
4 1 st in next 2 sts, 2 sts in next st 24 32 48
5 1 st in next 3 sts, 2 sts in next st 30 40 60
6 1 st in next 4 sts, 2 sts in next st 36 48 72
7 1 st in next 5 sts, 2 sts in next st 42 56 84

Continue with the increase formula above until the required size has been reached. Continue straight without increasing further until the required length from crown to brim has been reached.


Flat Circle: Length from crown to brim:
Newborn – 3 months: 10cm approx. 12cm
3 – 18 months: 11 – 12cm approx. 15cm
18 months – 5 years: 12 – 13cm approx. 17cm
5 – 13 years: 13 – 15cm approx. 19cm
Teens: 14 – 15cm approx. 20cm
Adult females: 15cm approx. 20 – 23cm
Adult males: 16cm approx. 20 – 23cm

Once you become more experienced, it will be easy to experiment with different stitch patterns, textures and techniques.

Bren, xx


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