If you’ve taken up knitting, honed your skills, and are now looking for a worthwhile challenge, or even a meaningful pastime, then you’re in luck! Knitting is a soothing creative hobby that opens doors into arts, crafts, sewing, and more. Today, we are going to recommend a number of knitting projects that you can embark on, which are ideal to donate to charity. This gives new life and new purpose to your projects and feels great in the process.

1. Knit a Square, South Africa

One way you can work towards charitable donations is by knitting or crocheting a bunch of 8 inch squares, and donating them to charities such as Knit A Square. These organisations put the squares towards clothing and blanket projects which help keep needy individuals warm at night, and comfortable during the day.

2. Simple Scarf Projects

A couple years ago, local philanthropist Carolyn Steyn suggested that knitters across South Africa knit as many scarves as they can, and on 13 July 2017, they would go out and tie the scarves to trees, lampposts, and left all over the place. The initiative was that anyone who truly needed the added warmth could take one and feel the love. Scarf projects are super simple, and great for beginners too.

3. Much-Needed Mittens

Mittens are much simpler to knit than gloves but provide just as much coverage and warmth to the hands. Winter in South Africa is brutal in some places, and there are myriad children and vulnerable individuals who could use your help. Mittens are a small added comfort that make a big difference.

4. Baby Hats and Beanies

Another simple yet valuable project you can start is the knitting of baby hats or beanies, to add a little warmth in winter, and at night. Plenty babies charities would be much obliged to receive donations of baby hats, such as Ubuntu House in Cape Town, or The Johannesburg Children’s Home.

5. Simple Sweaters

Nothing is as comfy and cosy as a woollen sweater, knitted with love and selflessness. Myriad charities would be overjoyed to receive knit sweaters, particularly for babies and young children. Most charities would prefer pullover styles, as button-ups take too much time to do up and down. If a baby is too hot or too cold, you want to be able to change that in a couple seconds!

6. Beautiful Afghans

Afghans are a great project as they are fairly simple, depending on the pattern, and can be used in a couple different ways if need be. We also love that they can be swaddled around babies, draped over the shoulders of a child, or used to keep an elderly person comfortable. Consider donating to charities such as The Association for the Aged (TAFTA) in Durban.

7. Super Simple Socks

Do not underestimate the power of a simple sock. It is the difference between cold and warmth, comfort and discomfort, maybe even life and death in serious circumstances. Socks are a quick and pretty easy pattern that you can make in various sizes for babies, children, teens and adults. We love knitting them in bright colours to bring some cheer to those who receive them.

8. Knitted Toys

Knitted toys are a great donation to make to orphanages and children’s hospitals, to bring a bit of wonderment and comfort to a vulnerable child’s life. Cuddling a stuffed animal can make a child feel more secure and safe, and receiving a gift is something many children never get to experience.

We hope that these knitting projects inspire you to put your talent towards a worthy cause. There are vulnerable people everywhere who could greatly benefit from your time and love. Check out our blog for more knitting ideas, inspiration and articles that might interest you.


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