7 Unique Ideas on How to Store Your Yarn

Working with yarn is a stimulating and rewarding hobby to have, however, over time you may find that you have accumulated a substantial collection. Storing your collection can become challenging, as the last thing any knitter wants to find is a bag of knotted or tangle yarn. Luckily, Jaarn love thinking of new and unique ways for storing yarn to ensure that it is stored neatly, whilst sometimes serving as a cute decorative feature.

How to Store Your Yarn in Creative Ways

Here are 7 unique ways you can store yarn in your home to keep it accessible and organized, for more tips check out our blog.

How to Store Yarn Tip #1: Crochet a Basket

What better way to store your crochet materials than with a crocheted basket? If you are a skilled crocheter, this will be a fun and rewarding project to tackle – you can find plenty of patterns and tutorials online. If crocheting a basket sounds a bit too adventurous for you, there are a variety of baskets available for purchase that you can use for storing your materials.

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How to Store Yarn Tip #2: Repurpose a Wine Cabinet

If you are looking for a unique storage idea that also serves as a decorative feature in your home, this is the perfect storage option for you. An old wine cabinet serves as a great storage space where colour-coordinated yarn can brighten up any room and is a quick DIY project that anyone can do.

How to Store Yarn Tip #3: Line Shelves with Magazine Holders

A great space-saving storage hack for your yarn can be found in simply placing magazine holders on wall-mounted shelves. You can choose see-through magazine holders or patterned ones and have all your yarns neatly stacked, out of the way yet easily accessible for when inspiration strikes.

How to Store Yarn Tip #4: Empty an Old Bookshelf

Bookshelves are incredible multi-purpose storage spaces. By emptying an old bookshelf and replacing books with neatly placed, colour-coordinated yarn can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to any room. You may only want to adopt this storage idea once you have a substantial collection of yarn to avoid the bookshelf looking too bare.

How to Store Yarn Tip #5: Stay Organized with Plastic Bins

Small plastic bins are great for keeping your materials organized. These can be placed against a wall, inside a cupboard, on a shelf or under a desk. A benefit of this storage idea is that bins can be added as your collection grows; it is cost-effective, and bins can be purchased from most stores in a variety of colours and sizes.

How to Store Yarn Tip #6: Use a Shoe Organizer

An out-of-the-way storage hack we love for yarn are the use of shoe organizers. Whether they are the free-standing or hanging type, we love that shoe organizers have idealistic sized compartments and take up minimal space.

How to Store Yarn Tip #7: Decorative Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are a cute addition to any room; you can place them on a shelf or have them suspend them from the ceiling. If you are a creative individual, you may want to attempt making one on your own. If not, there are so many options to choose from to suit your home.

To Stock Up on Yarn – Call Jaarn Today

Hopefully by now you can see that yarn storage can be easy and add a personal touch to your home. If you have seen an idea that you want to adopt for your materials, be sure that you are stocked up on all your favorite colours. Visit our online store to place an order or contact us directly for an additional information.

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