6 30-Minute Crafts You Should Try Today

Many of us don’t have the time (or patience) to sit down and complete a technical knitting or crocheting pattern. Fortunately, not all knitting and crocheting tasks have to be time-consuming and complex. We at Jaarn want you to know that there are so many quick and easy 30-minute crafts that you can use to unwind after a long day.

6 Quick Crafts to Tackle in Your Free Time

Make some for gifts, donate them to local charities, hospitals or old age homes, or simply keep them for yourself, however, you can enjoy the satisfaction of completing a task regardless of your busy schedule. Keep reading the blog as we share 6 30-minute crafts that you can try when you have a little bit of time to yourself.

1. A Knitted Scarf

You can never have too many scarves and they make great gifts, once you get the hang of them. Infinity scarves are a current fashion trend. For those that don’t know, infinity scarves are simply scarves that have both sides sewed together, like a necklace; simple loop it over your head until you are comfortable. If you are wanting to try something a little different, follow this tutorial for how to arm knit an infinity scarf.

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2. Baby Shoes

Knitted baby shoes are just the sweetest and super comfy for little feet. This is a great gift for someone who has just had a little one or for children with baby dolls. They are super quick to make and there’s a variety of patterns on the internet that you can test to find the best one for you.

3. A Slouchy Beanies

We love beanies that are nice and loose on the head- who knew that you could crochet such a fashionable item at home? Prepare yourself for winter by crocheting this quick and easy beanie, they also make great gifts! If you know the basics of crocheting, this will be a great challenge for you to try in your spare time. Here is an easy tutorial to get you started.

4. A Potholder

This crocheting task is for absolute beginners and is a great way to practice the craft. It is quick, easy and a great addition to any home. Create a simple potholder to add some colour to the table and protect your furniture from hot pots. Learn how to make it here.

5. Fingerless Gloves

If you are still perfecting your knitting skills and don’t feel ready to tackle full-on gloves or mittens, fingerless gloves are the next best thing to make. Keep your fingers warm this season without being confined by traditional gloves. Try this tutorial for the easiest fingerless gloves.

6. A Chunky Wool Blanket

Anything that is made from chunky wool is typically quick to make. Spend some time making a cosy wool blanket to curl up under when knitting. This blanket makes a great couch blanket or bed throw- it also only takes half an hour! Follow the steps and make your own chunky wool blanket here.

Get to All Your Knitting & Crochet Tools from Jaarn Today

Now that you have 6 quick crafts to try, it is time to put your skills to the test and work on improving them. Before you start, it is important to ensure you have everything you need. Make a list and place your order with Jaarn today or contact us with any questions or queries regarding your craft.

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