5 Team Craft Projects to Tackle During Lockdown

At Jaarn, we understand that during this uncertain coronavirus lockdown period, you may find that you are spending a lot of time with your friends or family that you live with. In order to pass the time and strengthen the bond with those around you, it is important to find a common activity or project that you can do together.

5 Craft Projects Perfect for a Team

There are plenty of team craft projects on the internet waiting for you and your quarantine team to try. Use this rare downtime to make lasting memories with those closest to you- starting with a group project. The most important thing to remember during a lockdown is to stay busy. Keep reading the blog as we reveal 5 team craft projects that we think you and your isolation crew will love.

1. Make a Collage

If you have hundreds of family photos filling your drawers, or a high-quality printer, get everyone together and spend some time taking a walk down memory lane. You will be surprised at the moments you have forgotten. Sift through your memories and separate the ones you would like to use on the collage. You can pick a theme, like ‘family holidays’ or ‘the beach’, to make your collage more uniform, or simply cover the cardboard with precious memories through the years. Designate a task to each person, for example, two people can cut pictures into different patterns and two can stick. When the lockdown is over, you can have the collage of precious memories framed as a reminder of this rare moment in our history.

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2. Make an Adventure Jar

We love this craft activity as it reminds us to be truly grateful for all the places and people that we take for granted. All you need is a glass jar and popsicle sticks or strips of paper (if you want everyone to get super involved then let them have their own jar and popsicle stick/paper). Write on the sticks/paper 5 things you would like to do as a group after lockdown is over, then put them in the jar/s. Next, decorate the jar/s with glitter glue, a nice label and colour. It is interesting to hear what people miss the most. Once lockdown is over, take turns once a week pulling out something to do.

3. Make a Dolls House

If you have children and want a fun activity you can all do together, try making a dolls house. If you can get your hands on a box, or a few boxes, create a doll mansion, paint the different rooms and craft your own furniture. You will be amazed at what everyone comes up with. Learn to crochet little dolls, knit clothes and use wood and other materials for furniture.

4. Make a Piece of Furniture or Restore an Old One

This is a fun and productive team project. If you have old wood lying around, old furniture you can break up or an item that needs restoring, you can create a stunning and unique item for your home. From desks to tv cabinets, you can choose how technical you want to be. With two or more people sanding, cutting and painting, this project will be done in no time.

5. Learn a New Craft Together

If you are looking for something to do over a longer period of time, consider choosing a craft to learn together. Whether it be woodwork or jewellery design, spending time together doing a craft is a great way to bond while learning something new. Knitting or crocheting is also a great craft to learn and will provide hours of entertainment, as well as additional benefits. Learning a craft is much better in a team, as it is common for one person to grasp it faster than the others and can then assist them. The Jaarn blog has everything you need to know about taking up this new hobby.

Start Your Craft Journey with Jaarn Today

Team crafting is not just something that should be done whilst in lockdown. These projects will strengthen the bond with those closest to you and make for a great project for those chilly winter evenings or long summer holidays. If you are tackling a knitting or crocheting project, visit our website to order all your craft needs or contact us with any questions, queries or guidance.

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