5 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Acrylic Yarns to Natural Yarns

For the longest time, there has been a debate in the knitting and crocheting community as to whether acrylic or natural yarns are better. For those of you who don’t know, acrylic yarn is a man-made fibre that is twisted into a thread that becomes the final product. Natural yarn is fibres such as silk, merino wool, cotton and cashmere that, unlike acrylic fibres that are twisted, is spun to create lengths of yarn. Natural yarns have more proven benefits than yarn, and we are going to tell you why.

5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Yarns

If you have been using acrylic yarn for all your projects, read this blog post and consider these 5 reasons why natural yarn is a better choice.

1. Natural Yarn is Much Better for the Environment

At Jaarn, we are always encouraging our customers to be eco-friendlier, which is why we are big fans of using natural fibres whenever possible. Due to acrylic yarns being made from a poly compound called acryonile, intense production occurs which uses extreme amounts of fossil fuels and releases toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Once the acrylic yarn has been manufactured and crafted into the final product, every time it is washed in your home, approx. 730 000 microplastics enter the water. Microplastics make up 85% of the manmade pollution on ocean shores. Natural yarns are sustainable fibres typically manufactured by hand.

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2. Natural Yarn is Softer

If you are wanting your project to be extremely soft to touch, natural yarns such as cashmere, merino wool and silk are you answers. Not only are these yarns appear much higher quality to even the untrained eye, but you can also feel the difference. Your knitted and crocheted items will be much softer and feel less synthetic than acrylic yarns.

3. Natural Yarn is Competitively Priced

For the significantly higher quality than acrylic yarns, you may be expecting natural yarns to be much more expensive. Whilst there definitely are some that are at a higher price point, fortunately, most are competitively priced so that you don’t have to compromise quality.

4. Natural Yarn is Extremely Durable

If you are looking for a natural yarn that will be durable and long-lasting, wool is your best option. Merino wool products are extremely flexible and act like elastic when stretched. Once resistance is removed, the wool returns to its normal shape. This makes it an excellent choice for sweaters and other items of clothing.

5. Some Natural Fibres Regulate Body Temperature

Planning on making some cosy winter garments? Natural yarn, particularly Merino wool, is a great option. Air that gets trapped inside the yarn is keeps you warm during chilly months by regulating your body temperature. In the warmer months, wool allows for breathability, being able to hold 1/3 of its weight in moisture – thus making great material for socks or sweatbands!

Get Your Natural Yarns from Jaarn Today

With so many more benefits, we recommend switching to natural yarns for all your knitting and crocheting projects. Shop our products here or contact us with any questions or queries you may have regarding yarn. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your finished projects- we love to see them!

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