5 New Crochet Techniques to Try in 2020

Crocheting as a hobby has recently boomed, with many people trying crochet (and loving it) for the first time in the past year. At Jaarn, we realise that it is unlikely you will have experimented with all the different types of crochet though.

5 Crochet Styles to Tackle

Whether you are new to the craft, or are experienced and looking for new techniques to try, there are many new techniques that have recently become popular and which can help to make your crochet items in 2020 even more special. Keep reading this blog post as we explore 5 new techniques you should try in the new year.

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Technique #1: Tapestry Crochet

Now more than ever, those who enjoy crafts are looking for more colourful ways to incorporate their designs and make them special. Whether you are intending to gift your designs and patterns, or are looking for unusual ways to crochet in order to make a profit to boost your income, there are many forms of crochet that allow you to experiment with colour. One of the best ways of crocheting with colour is the technique of tapestry crochet, where you will work with multiple different colours and yarns over a simple base colour.

Technique #2: Fair Isle Crochet

Fair isle allows you to make distinctive patterns in your work. Although fair isle has always been popular in knitting and sewing due to its popularity in clothing, fair isle is a new technique to those who crochet, and yet is one that is likely to stick around for a long time. Fair isle can look great on clothing, blankets, and cushions with its stand-out and instantly recognisable design, and will be extra popular in 2020 due to the comeback of vintage fashions. When trying new crochet techniques that will make your crafts look great, the Jaarn online shop has all the yarn and tools you need to make your projects fantastic.

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Technique #3: Tunisian Crochet

If you are looking for something a little more unusual, you should opt for Tunisian crochet, which combines both knitting and crochet to produce a technique that enjoys the best of both crafts. Not only this but if you love the look of knitted pieces and yet hate to do it yourself. Any Tunisian crochets look just like a knitted pattern. To make Tunisian crochet designs, you will need a special crochet hook, which has a stopper on one end to recreate the dazzling designs of Tunisian crochet.

Technique #4: Lace Crochet

Lace crochet is delicate and extremely popular, with many unique and interesting styles and techniques to try. One of the more unusual lace crochet techniques is pineapple crochet, which creates pineapple-like shapes through the use of travelling stitches. Otherwise, you could try broomstick lace crochet, which uses a thick knitting needle or hook to pull loops, giving you a crochet pattern that stands out from the other forms of lace crochet.

Technique #5: Bead & Glass Crochet

However, if you want to start combining your mediums, why not experiment with beads and glass? For instance, beads are used during crochet with the aid of a wire. These components are some of the most popular when creating jewellery, clothing and other crochet products, giving your crafts another dimension that can add a finishing touch to the look of your creation.

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