5 Knitting Projects to Try During Lockdown

At Jaarn, we understand With most people being confined to their homes during the lockdown, it can be hard to find things to fill your days and stimulate your brain – especially if you are not able to work from home.

5 Easy Quarantine-Worthy Knitting Projects

Knitting is a great hobby to have or to take up during these long days, not only does it provide hours of entertainment, it also is a challenge that keeps your brain sharp. In the spirit of lockdown, we have compiled a list of 5 simple knitting projects to try while you have the time. With so much free time, you will have mastered these knitting projects by the time the world returns to normal- enjoy!

Easy Knitting Project #1: Start Simple with A Scarf

Get winter-ready by knitting some scarves for you and your friends. This is a great project to take on, as it really is perfect for all levels of knitters. If you are just starting out, scarves are a great beginner project; most patterns are straight-forward and are aimed at helping you find your feet. If you are more experienced, you can experiment by working with two colours or attempt a different style, such as infinity or bulky scarves. When you run out of friends to gift them to, consider donating them to the homeless to help keep them warm during the colder months.

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Easy Knitting Project #2: Ponchos

If you are wanting to attempt something a little bigger than a scarf, but still fairly simple, try your hand at knitting a poncho. These patterns require more patience than scarves, however, you will really see an improvement in your skills. Learn how to change and meld colours, increase and decrease, as well as work with something bigger than your typical beginner projects.
There are a variety of styles available on the internet to accompany the different skill levels of knitters.

Easy Knitting Project #3: A Bag

Knitted bags are super cute and are quite easy to make. Most bags will require a little bit of sewing, however, this is a skill that will be extremely beneficial for future knitting projects. From reusable shopping bags to cute handbags for children and ladies, this is a practical project that your friends will thank you for. Once you have mastered the bag, you can experiment with different colours and work on adding details to it too.

Easy Knitting Project #4: For Quick Projects, Try Different Types of Hats

Hats seem to be the easiest and quickest knitting projects if you are wanting to churn something out fast. Dependent on your skill level, you can add in a pattern, or keep them simple as a staple winter piece. From stylish slouchy beanies to winter hats with pom-pom’s for children, there are enough styles to keep you busy for days. Also, consider donating these winter essentials to those in need of some warmth.

Easy Knitting Project #5: Cosy Winter Blankets

If your living room is missing a box of soft and cosy blankets for winter nights in, don’t go out and buy some- make some! These projects are much easier than you’d imagine, you are literally knitting a giant square. To practice and find your feet, make a baby’s blanket; once you have got the hang of that, make the same thing…just much bigger.

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If these project ideas have you itching to get out your knitting needles, then order your supplies today. From patterns to tools, shop what you need and have it shipped right to your door. Feel free to reach out with any questions or queries, or to share your complete projects with us- we would love to see them.

Happy knitting!

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