5 Crochet Projects Just in Time for Spring

The changing seasons bring lots of inspiration, and none more so than with craftwork like crochet and knitting. With the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to explore new patterns and colours with all your favourite yarn work. Be sure to check what we have in store to make sure you’re all stocked up for spring!

Crochet Projects Just in Time for Spring

Here are five spring-inspired ideas for your perfect crochet project. You can view our blog for more fibre art inspiration.

Crochet Project #1: Floral Triangle Scarves

While springtime brings with it sunshine and bright skies, it can also still be a little on the cooler side, which means crochet scarves for a little extra warmth are always going to be a fun addition to your wardrobe! To embrace the spring vibe, integrate floral patterns and springtime colours, like yellows and green, to make your scarf stand out.
Or you can attach it to your bag or coat to add some colour to your outfit when you’re not wearing it around your neck.

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Crochet Project #2: Colourful Doilies

For those long afternoons spent in the garden in the crisp Spring air, why not decorate your drinks or snack table with your own colourful crocheted doilies? Experiment with fun shapes, such as fruit or flowers, and brighten up your table. Or, if you’re planning a spring get together with family and friends, take your doilies to help brighten the table.

Crochet Project #3: Add Layers with a Bright Mandala

Bring spring indoors and decorate your home using crocheted mandalas, whether used as wall art, a floor placement or to sit on your furniture items. Use bright yarn colours to make your piece stand out.

Crochet Project #4: Vibrant Picnic Accessories

Spring is the perfect time to explore outdoors and enjoy a picnic in the woods, or a meadow. Make sure you’re all set by crocheting picnic essentials, such as placemats, cutlery holders or bottle holders, to keep everything safe as well as looking bright.

Crochet Project #5: Create Your Own Spring wear

If you’re looking for that perfect skirt or spring dress in pastel shades, florals or with spring patterns, then why not create it yourself? Crocheting your own spring clothing items not only means that you can create some unique and comfortable pieces tailored for you but also ones which best inspire a fresh, spring feel.

Embrace the Brightness of Spring with Your Next Crochet Project and Make Your Perfect Item with Help from Jaarn

There are so many fantastic crocheting opportunities with an exciting spring-theme, waiting to be made! If you have any questions about our selection of crocheting materials or need advice on your spring supplies, be sure to contact us any time.

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