4 Unique Project Ideas for Expert Crocheters

Crochet is more popular than ever. While there are plenty of guides available for beginners, it can be a lot more difficult to find unique crochet project ideas for those who want to challenge themselves. At Jaarn, we believe that for expert crocheters, the best designs are those that are not just a challenge, but also require using multiple crochet skills.

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4 Advanced Projects for Anvanced Crocheters

While experts can usually get a lot of meditative and calming fun out of sticking to simpler designs, choosing to create something wonderfully unique that is a real challenge will always be more rewarding. If you’re looking for unique crochet project ideas that will test your crocheting ability, then try out this blog post’s spectacular creations.

1. Doily Patterns

While many doily designs for crochet are suitable for beginners, there are plenty of designs available that will be a little bit more of a challenge. Even for experts, a doily can be very difficult to get right. Thread crochet is particularly tricky and becomes even more so when you are working with thick thread. Some doily patterns have a lot of details to get right, but it will look spectacular when finished. You’ll need to use some advanced stitches, so make sure you know your picots from your clusters!

2. Free Standing Patterns with Wires

If you’ve moved far beyond the doily, then you might want to try something that’s completely three dimensional. Soft toys work well for crochet experts because they require learning a whole new skill set. Craft wire is the key, and once you’ve tried it out a few times to make sure you know what you’re doing, designs like a dragon will be all the challenge you’ll ever need. Warning: some patterns will be over 100 pages!

3. The Sweater

Making a sweater is often the end-goal that beginner crocheters aim for. It’s easy to see why. Making a sweater requires some serious focus, but there are lots of patterns available to try out before you move to more advanced design. Sweaters are particularly popular, and that means that there are plenty of beautiful pattern designs to look through. Make sure that you have practised a lot of single and double stitches, as these will be vital for getting your finished sweater looking as amazing as possible.

4. Drawstring Bags & Pouches

Although a drawstring pouch or bag is quick to make, that doesn’t mean that they are easy! You can start simple with these, but even the most basic designs will usually require being able to work in rounds. The key is picking the design that has the level of detail that you can cope with. The hardest part of crocheting a drawstring pouch or bag is the clasps for the drawstring, but if you can get this right, your finished design will be amazing.

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Unique crochet project ideas are plentiful, but you need to do some planning before you start to tackle a new project. Go through the instructions for every stage of the pattern and make sure that you understand the terminology and skills required. That makes it far more likely that you will complete your design more quickly, and with an end result that you can be proud of. Chat to us if you have any questions at all, we’d love to hear from you.

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