3 Spring-Inspired Knitting Project Ideas

Spring is the season that signifies new. The winter freeze melts away, allowing new buds to pop up from the ground and grow into beautiful flowers, trees, and other plants. The warmer weather invites people to get outside and enjoy the warmer breezes and blue skies. It’s indeed the start of a new year. Why not create something new for yourself?

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Knitting isn’t just a pastime during the colder months when people need indoor activities to keep them occupied. There are plenty of lightweight patterns and projects out there for even the most novice knitter to dive into. Keep reading the blog to discover three of the best spring knitting ideas to get you started. 

1. Tote Bags

In a time where practising sustainable living and reducing carbon footprints is a priority, getting rid of plastic bags is a natural step. Make it easy to be rid of plastic bags and knit yourself a cute and fashionable tote bag that you can take with you everywhere. Not only will you be showing your support for the earth, but you’ll have a stylish accessory to show off as well. Head over to the farmer’s market and fit some fresh local produce in your bag, or use it as a lunch bag for work or school instead of buying one.

2. Clothing

There’s just something about clothing and accessories you make yourself that just makes them feel extra special and glamorous. Spring usually means shopping, so instead of going to the mall, bust out your knitting needles and create a one-of-a-kind outfit for yourself (or if you’re feeling generous, a friend).

Spring clothing is pretty all-encompassing since you can mix and match easily, wear tights under dresses, skirts, and tailored shorts for warmth, and layer up or down to account for the day’s fluctuating temperatures. The world is your oyster when deciding on which wearable spring knitting ideas and projects to take on.

You could knit classic socks (adding in complex patterns if you’re more of an expert knitter), or go for the lacy, knee-high stocking style for something more playful and elegant. Pair your new knitted socks with a cable knit skirt or try a full mini-dress for a bigger project. If that still isn’t enough, why not complete the look with knitted fingerless gloves and an infinity scarf or shawl?

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3. A Cosy Blanket

Yes, blankets may seem like more of a wintery object that spring lovers are keen to put away as the temperatures rise. However, evenings in springtime are often still quite chilly, and everyone is eager to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh spring air. If you want to enjoy your patio as early as possible without being chased back indoors, a big knitted blanket is the way to go. 

Your blanket doesn’t need to be made with thick yarn like a winter blanket would be. Instead, you can use single-ply yarn for a thinner end result, ideal for blocking out the wind but still helping retain just enough warmth for a spring night or cool day. If you want to go the extra mile and solidify your blanket as a spring blanket, a good idea is to knit some spring-inspired patterns into it like flowers or use bright, warm colours like yellows, light greens, and pinks. Get in touch with your queries or concerns, we love hearing from you. 

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