3 Crochet Projects That Are Perfect for Beginners

Once you have learnt the basics of crocheting, you may find it is almost impossible to stop. Nothing is worse than learning a new hobby and then not being able to practice it.

3 Crochet Projects that are Great for Newbies

It is important when first starting out, to choose crocheting project for beginners that are straightforward and simple; if not, you may find that the more challenging projects frustrate you enough to give up completely! Here are 3 of the simplest crochet projects that are bound to keep you hooked.

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1. A Baby’s Beanie

When it comes to crochet projects for beginners, a baby’s beanie is a perfect choice. This project is an easy and simple craft that will improve your skills and keep any baby’s little head warm this winter. This is a pattern, especially designed with beginners in mind, that makes use of single crochet stitches worked with a slip stitch used to join the end of each round. The necessary yardage and weight of yarn you will need varies with the size of the beanie and the type of yarn you choose; however, for a newborn baby, it is suggested to use 70 to 90 yards of yarn.

With regards to the crochet hook you will need, the baby beanie is considered a no gauge pattern, so you can choose a hook that best suits the yarn that you have chosen- if you’re still not sure, check the yarn label as most manufacturers of yarn will give the recommended hook size. The crochet beanie is a design that can work on any head size, so once you’ve mastered this easy pattern and learnt how to adjust the sizing, you’ll be making beanies for the whole family.

2. A Scarf

This is known as a beginner to intermediate level in crocheting; therefore, it is important that anyone who wants to crochet a scarf is comfortable with the following stitches; the chain stitch, the single crochet stitch and the slip stitch. Whilst most who learn to crochet learn to slip stitch early on, when crocheting a scarf you will need you to slip stitch across entire rows, so it is advisable that one becomes familiar and comfortable with this before attempting the pattern.

The scarf requires 200G of worsted weight wool yarn and a 6.5mm crochet hook; however, the crochet hook can be adjusted to ensure you are obtaining the correct gauge.

3. A Crochet Flower

Whilst it’s great to be able to crochet beanies and scarves, it is also nice to be able to crochet little extras to add on as decorative pieces, such as crocheted Flower. This is a beginner’s skill level, but before you attempt this pattern, it is important that you are comfortable with the chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. With regards to yarn and hook requirements, you can use nearly any size yarn/fibre, there is no right hook size, all you need to ensure is that the hook size is suited to your yarn.

One thing that this pattern does require is a tapestry needle that will be used for weaving in the ends. This pattern is super simple and great to add on to bigger projects!

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