10 Must-have Items for New Knitters

Picking up a new hobby can be a little overwhelming at times; there are words for tools you have never heard of and lingo you don’t understand. Knitting is a hobby that requires a new level of patience and focus, yet is also extremely rewarding and, sometimes, addictive. Our team at Jaarn want to make the start of your new endeavour as easy as possible, which is why we have compiled an essential beginners knitting kit list.

Here is the ultimate knitting ‘must-have’ list for new knitters, and a basic description on when you will use these items:

1. Straight, Large Knitting Needles

When you first start knitting, the best needles to use are the large, straight needles. These needles are much easier to use and control and are the least frustrating to learn with. It is common for smaller needles to hurt your hands if you are not used to working with them. Bamboo or wooden needles are a great option for beginners, as the yarn won’t slip off as easily as it would with plastic needles.

2. Yarn Needles

 Yarn needles have a large eye that you thread yarn through and are used for stitching seams together. These needles are fairly inexpensive and made from either plastic or metal.

3. Stitch Markers

 Stitch markers will save you a lot of frustration in the long run. These markers will assist you in finishing your knitting projects successfully. Place a stitch marker on a stitch that you don’t want to forget, and you can come back later and be reminded to stitch a certain boarder or pattern in a specific area.

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4. Point Protectors

Point Protectors are important for two reasons. The first is obvious, point protectors protect the points of your needles from being damaged when they are not being used. The second reason is that they are out on your needles when you are not knitting to prevent stitches from falling off the needles when you are not actively working on a project. Simply stop knitting, put on your point protectors and you can walk away without worrying about losing your place.

5. Crochet Hook

Crochet hooks may be a strange suggestion for your tool kit, but they have a very important purpose when knitting. Crochet hooks are able to rectify dropped stitches and weave in ends. There are other ways to do this, however, crochet hooks are the easiest for new knitters.

6. Scissors

Keep a pair of scissors with your knitting tools to save you the hunt around your house every time you need a pair. Ensure that they are fairly small and sharp- there is nothing worse than blunt scissors!

7. Knit Counters

Knit counters can be used for both counting stitches and counting rows. They are so handy that we suggest investing in two; one for each function. Depending on the pattern you are working on, stitch and row counting is extremely important for your project to be a success. Some knit counters even slide onto your needles to save you the hassle with changing the number.

8. Yarn Guide

A yarn guide will be your best friend when knitting. Yarn guides hold two different colour yarns at a time and prevent them from getting tangled.

9. Measuring Tape

Measuring tapes are extremely important for projects such as scarfs or skirts, as you need to reach a certain length before binding off. They can also come in handy if you need to check your gauge, if you do not have a gauge tool.

10. Different Types of Yarn

This is the fun part! As a knitter, one of the best parts of any project should be going to pick out the type of yarn you want to use and the different colours. Ensure you always have at least three different colours to pick from and three different types of yarn- this is so that any time you feel like knitting, you have a fair selection.

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